Michelle Pinheiro, LCSW, Primary Therapist

Michelle Pinheiro is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker specializing in play therapy for children 3 - 12 years old She also has an extensive background in substance abuse treatment and individual counseling for teens and adults.


Does your child show signs of issues such as:

Low self esteem; withdrawn behavior; aggressiveness; nightmares; lying; attention problems; difficulty with peers; anxiety & fears; separation problems; coping with death; temper tantrums; adjustments to a new baby; immaturity; sibling rivalry; misbehavior at school; sadness; poor organization; adjustment to divorce?

Are you looking for the best way to help your pre-K to 12-year-old child?

Play therapy is a way to help a young child express their feelings and begin to solve the problems.............

Maybe we can help!

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